VI is a "just for fun & play-around" character. She's able to travel through worlds & dimensions and appearing in different storylines & worldbuildings. The main thought of her was taking place as a sidekick that turned out to get a more complex storyline. Yet she is dear to me and not just a "just for fun" videogame-fancharacter. Her story start's in the world of "The Elder Scrolls - Oblivion" and after the death of Martin Septim and several other dimensions later she appears in the world of "Assassins Creed Odyssey"


In the appearance of a pale woman, Vi is a godlike nature.

She is incredibly strong, can regenerate herself, got hypergenetic senses (smelling/hearing/eyesight) and is also blessed with telecinetic and healing abilities. She is travelling through her own devising portals between different worlds and dimensions and needs to stay in these worlds for one whole year until her powers to use this ability recharged. She is also able to give her lifelight to a mortal being that lost it's life and also needs to take a year to recharge this ability. After this effect, she is mortal for a week herself.

Vi can only use her magical abilities as long as the world she stays in comprises enough magical aura itself. Besides this, she is only able to control her magic at it's full potential and regenerate wounds also, when she is touched by the sun, (Comparable to an inner battery that charges when the sun touches her skin. The lower her light-battery the darker her skin and less magical potential.)


If the world itself appears to have little to no magic, her magical abilities won't be affective and she becomes mortal. After all, even in worlds with magic given, she can be killed at dark places or at night, when there is no moonlight left and her regeneration skill fails.

Sidenote: She can't swim. At all...





Vi firstly takes place as "Hero of Kvatch" in The Elderscrolls 4 / Oblivion - where she is captured in the tower of the Arcane University. For 200 years the mages locked her up, experimenting and studying her, as they weren't sure if she was a daedra, a supernatural nature or maybe...something by far different. With the upcoming obliviongate in front of Kvatch, they sent her to the city to destroy the gate, as no man, mercenary, nor mage they sent in, ever returned. So she did and the soldiers were able to take back the burning ruins of the cities. In the cathedral, that seemed untouched by the destruction of the daedra, she met Martin Septim, back then a normal monk that served the Nine, nowdays known as the saviour and emperor, who turned into a golden dragon/ Akatosh and defeated Mehrunes Dagon, the daedric prince of destruction. Martin grew dear to Vi. He freed her entirely from the prison she has been hold in for all those decades and therefor she swore to help him to defeat Dagon and stopping the Oblivion Crisis. Even after ages, citizens still remembered and told stories about her. After Martins death, she returned to the destroyed temple several times where Akatoshs petrified statue was still rising up to the sky, holding on to a splinter she found in the debris back then. Until the day, when she disappeared.

It so happened that VI never returned to Tamriel. In fact she started travelling through different worlds, searching for new souls that seek for help in hopeless situations and of course, trying to overcome the vain about the loss of Martin. 

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