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By purchasing you accept Schl4fmuetze’s Terms of Service and agree to the named conditions below.


Schl4fmuetze’s Terms of Service are applicable for every purchase you make! If it’s comissions or their adoptables. 
Any violation of the following conditions of this ToS will entail legal action if needed and you will forfeit the cooperation with any future comissions or projects.

If you are interested in comissioning Schl4fy, please contact them via Email or PM on social media like twitter, furaffinity, etc. Not via Discord!

( )

Comissions will always be announced on Schl4fys Discord Server 

Please DO NOT calculate the prices for the artist. Prices are set according to the time and effort of the artist. The detail in character design/ armors and accessories / etc aren't included in the prices below.


Please DO NOT send comission request Emails or PMs with phrases like “Hey how are you?”, “Hi” or endless blabbing that you “Want to comission the artist but don’t exactly know what and there are so many possibilities…” if you want to comission the artist. Those emails will be ignored.

Make sure you have all references & information gathered, before sending in an comission request! And please consider: Schl4fy is a visual learner. Key points instead of text walls of the details for your comission & image references of what you’d like are the best way to prevent misunderstandings!




Schl4fy's Artworks are NOT meant to become a part of NFT platforms NOR do they support AI generated pictures. If there is evidence of using Schl4fy's artwork for any NFT or AI-learning-mashines legal action will be taken.

Long Story Short:
This artist DOES NOT support NFTs or AI-generated "Art"!

Violating the following terms will entail legal action towards you.

Schl4fmuetze reserves the right of any comissioned artwork to be used as print, merchandise or any other marketing and profit based ways if not previously discussed via "commercial usage terms"!

Reposting the comissioned work on other platforms for personal usage is allowed as long as the artist is credited.

Tracing Schl4fys artworks for studies and personal usage is allowed and welcome as long as the artist is credited. Copying and reposting Schl4fys artwork, especially for profitable usage, is NOT allowed!

(And will cause legal actions)

If you want to use my artworks in any other form not clarified above, I ask you to contact me directly for permission.



DO's & DONT's

A list of what Schl4fy is and is not able to draw in a comission-request.

Things/Themes they DO draw:

- Scenery Comissions

- One-Page Comics

- Referencesheets

- Chibis & Cute Beans

- Semi-Realism Portraits

- Fantasy & Sci-Fi Crtrs.

- Any kind of Animal

- Feral & Anthro Crtrs.

- Humans, Elves, Etc.

- Modern Clothing

- Medivial Clothing

- Armory & Weapons

- Lingerie & Pinups

- Nudity & Pinups

- Voilence & Gore

Things/Themes they  DON'T draw:

- Sexual Themes

- Fetishes outside their taste

- Penetration of any kind

- Storyboards

- Comicpages

- Realistic Style

- Zoophilia

- Racism or Sexism

- Characters - that do not

have a reference

(If there is anything unclear, feel free to send in a email or PM via or on twitter, telegram & discord!


The comission has to be accepted first, before purchasing.

After contacting Schl4fy via artistree the payment will be transfered via paypal.

The payment/first half of the payment has to be transferred within 3-5 days. Otherwise the comission will be canceled!

If the price exceeds 150€ it’s possible to turn it into “halfsies”. So one half before the artist started with their work and the other half when the art is finished.
The full resolution of your comissioned digital illustration will be sent via Artistree, Email or Sta.ash link to you when the artist received the full payment.

Updates about your comission are naturally and you will be informed within a week, if your comission is in work or takes longer than expected! Further progress can be followed on Artistree.

Once the artist received the full payment and the work is done you will obtain the full resolution of your comissioned illustration or the adoptable you paid for.

The comission will be automatically cancelled, if the artist hasn't received the payment or first half of a split payment within 5 days!

The artist is charging 4€ extra for each change after the third change starting at the sketch. 





Schl4fy allows their artworks to be used for printables, merch and more for an extra fee! Therefor you are paying for the rights to create merch of the paid for illustration, not the right on the artwork itself! 

The licensor Schl4fmuetze reserves the rights of the illustration itself and maintains ownership of the image - and is therefore able to recreate and create printables and merchandise of it.

Each product-type per drawn image costs an extra fee of 100-600€ depending on the type of merch and company!

Buying the FULL rights on creating any merchandise of a drawn image by Schl4fy costs an extra fee starting at 1500€ depending on the company.

There will also be a contract made about the commercial usage access, the price, the name and the adress of the user/ company who bought the rights on Schl4fy's Products!



Schl4fy's Designs are purchasable via their Ko-Fi Shop. Every design is unique and doesn't happen to exist a second time!

You may not sell the artists designs and adoptables for a higher price as purchased! Trying to sell the adoptable INCLUDING ART you made of it after you bought it also for a higher price is NOT allowed as you are still trying to sell the design itself for a higher price.

You may not create copies of the artists designs and adoptables for profit reasons.

You are allowed to make adjustments as changes in design, appearance, name, etc.

If you redesigned the character that it looks completely different from the design you bought, it is fine to sell it for whatever price you'd like.

Any customer is always allowed to ask for a refund and decline the comission without naming any reasons!

If you decline a comission Schl4fy reserves the right to retain the money for already accomplished work.

A refund is excluded if the comission is already completed.

The artist Schl4fy reserves the right to decline a comission or project without personal information needed at any time// the customer of course will receive a full-refund of the payment if the comission hasn't been worked on already.








As Ko-Fi Supporter you automatically get access to my special support discord where you get extra content, early access posts and stuff, that won't be posted on social media!

New supporters on ko-fi get a free headshot sketch!

(This option is for new ko-fi supporters only!)


To get access to the specific support channels in Schl4fy's discord, you have to PM Schl4fy via discord with proof of your ko-fi support pledge!

If you have been a ko-fi supporter once and rejoin within the same year you quit your support, you won't get access to the headshot-request! 

If you have been a ko-fi supporter once and rejoin after 12 months, you get access to the headshot-request again! 

Extra content inside the discord server is NOT to be posted online or used in any way!


Declining the comission or cooperation can have a lotta lot reasons sometimes and shouldn’t be taken personal in the first place. Yet there are some rules of conduct when interacting with the Artist (and maybe Artists in general…) .
Customers, who act extremely off, uncomfortable or impolite will be blacklisted.

Please be patient, respectful & friendly. We are all living in different timezones and aren’t online 24/7. Your request and messages will definitely be taken care of!

Don’t push the artist and ask for daily updates on your comission. As said, you can track any progress on their trello and will be updated of any delays. Pushing them with “Hey, how are you?” “Are you finished yet?” “How is the comission going?” will cause a decline of your comission and ends in the blacklist.

Please do not calculate the price or jump around with “But I don’t have enough money!”. Surely, you had plenty of time to look at the comission prices & informations on the website.

Please do not badmouth Schl4fy because your comission didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be. If there are things to be edited or mistakes the artist made it is always welcome to contact the artist and go over the comission again. Artists do mistakes. It’s natural~

Please don’t expect Schl4fy to draw in a different artstyle as her usual style. There are dozens of artists who have all different art styles and shapes! Please consider comissioning one of them if you actually want a different style!

Schl4fy isn’t open for long-time projects! Don’t try to drag them into anything like that on purpose without discussing it with them first.



The Artists reserves the right to decline a comission if the text and reference do not appear to make any sense, aren't understandable or drawable! Please make sure that you are clearly lining out, what you want! The simpler your explaination the better the understanding! 

If Schl4fy has contacted you and declined any future comissions, projects and interaction, please do not  contact them again about it. It means, that you have either violated the TOS or a cooperation with you is just not possible for them. 

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