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read the terms of use please:

Comission Sheet for Private-Customers


through the Do's and Don'ts section! Comissions will be announced on my discord when they are opening again!

Please DO NOT calculate the prices for the artist. Prices are set according to the time and effort of the artist. The detail in characterdesign/ armors and accessoires / and more aren't included in the prices below!!!


DO's & DONT's

A list of what Schl4fy is and is not able to draw in a comission-request.

Things/Themes they DO draw:

- Scenery Comissions

- One-Page Comics

- Referencesheets

- Chibis & Cute Beans

- Semi-Realism Portraits

- Fantasy & Sci-Fi Crtrs.

- Any kind of Animal

- Feral & Anthro Crtrs.

- Humans, Elves, Etc.

- Modern Clothing

- Medivial Clothing

- Armory & Weapons

- Lingerie & Pinups

- Nudity & Pinups

- Voilence & Gore

Things/Themes they  DON'T draw:

- Sexual Themes

- Fetishes outside their taste

- Penetration of any kind

- Storyboards

- Comicpages

- Realistic Style

- Zoophilia

- Racism or Sexism

- Characters - that do not

have a reference

(If there is anything unclear, feel free to send in a email or PM via or on twitter, telegram & discord!

Since Schl4fy is a visual learner, there is a little guidance for you to follow so you are satisfi with your comiss and the artist is satisfi when there are no misunderstandings between each other! ♥

How to Comission a visual Learner
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