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The Verge of the World

(German: "Am Rande der Welt" )


is a comic novel telling the story of feral gods, demi-gods and free'd souls from the underworld. Dragonborn Kay is the warden of the Temple of the Sand, serving her master Louvic, the "God of the Shade" who is ruling over the desertland and oasis, bailing a secret hidden in the depth of his temple. With her ordinary abilities as white dragon she defends her home and her newly aquired family from other hostile gods to keep the peace in the oasis.

Daily Life/ Fantasy/ Romance (+18)



is a comic novel about a character I created out of boredom, yet turned into a more in depth char that can jump through worlds and universes and is a little overpowered god-like "creature".

She is taking place as the known "Hero of Kvatch" in Oblivion & after long-time-travelling through different worlds ending up in the ancient greek world of "Assassins Creed Odyssey" where she takes place as companion and sidecharacter.

Daily Life/ Comedy/ Romance (+18)



Chapter 1 was finished at the 1st November 2020. Chapter 2 will be started in unforeseen time. This series contains fantasy, bad jokes & romance~


In the midst of a quiet, dark wood, Avis cannot help but feel like the lonely trees that surround her. Tired of her isolation, she longs for friends to accompany her and finds herself, after meeting a mysterious ranger who stirs more than yearnings within her, surrounded by friends who will stop at nothing to help her defeat her foes...

Adventure/ Fantasy/ Romance (+16)


"Baldurs Gate"

Adventures of tiefling monk Vi and her companions in the realms beyond the walls of Baldurs Gate!

Adventure/ Fantasy/ Romance??? (+16)


Tease Ain't Easy


is a written novel that includes illustrations about the adventures of Lupina Brie, a young woman who set out to explore and study the worlds and lifestyles of the different races and cultures of the world of Athea. While visiting a tavern on her journey she meets Aard, an uncivilized and cheeky ranger who accidentally breaks some of her important items along with her eye glasses, making it next to impossible to write down her studies. Aard accompanies Brie on her journey with promises to replace her destroyed items. With her new companion by her side, Brie experiences many adventures she never would have dreamed of.


Only Available in German.

Coming Soon in English

Aventure/ Fantasy/ Romance (+18)

Banner - Strange Times

" Strange Times"

 is a fanart-comic-novel based on the happenings in the dark brotherhood (an guild of assassins) of "The Elderscrolls IV - Oblivion".

Thriller/ Horror / Romance??? (+18)


Spyro "Adventures Ignited"

 are comiccollections and cartoons about the videogames regarding the purple dragon Spyro and his companions. Including fanart of "Spyro the Dragon" and "The Legend of Spyro" and more!

Fantasy/ Comedy/ Adventure

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