Schl4fy is accepting requests about YOUR ARTIST STORY and also LIVE-TUTORIALS in their Twitch-Drawing-Lessons! Basically send in questions specifying what you're struggling with and what you'd need help with - also you can join the twitchstream and request it there as well!

// KEEP IN MIND PLEASE Schl4fy is not an artteacher and can only show you way's how they're creating their works to maybe help you out on your path/ with your way of drawing & creating new pieces! Everyone has their own way of creating artwork! Don't expect a different artstyle or high qualified teaching.


If you are an artist that would love to share their stories about "Being an Artist" then you are just right! Schl4fy is streaming artiststories via Twitch and reading out your stories & discussing them!


This project is meant to motivate other artists with their own life & work as hobby-, professional-, or starter in artbusiness, general interest and drawing just-for-fun. Since it's never too late to learn and definetly never too late to listen to other artists experiences and think about: "Hey, that might work for me as well?" this stream will hopefully be a funny come-together to show, that we're all different, yet might have the same struggles...and aren't alone with that!


I want to tell your story. That means sadly not the story of your favorite OC, but your own person stories and experiences in reallife! Here is a list you can orientate on:


> Short story how you became an artist & why? What are the pro's and con's?
> Have you visited Artschool? What were your experience? Would you recommend it?

> Did you have interactions with customers / did you comission an artist once? Tell us about your experience!
> Do you have any tips & tricks that you think are useful for an artist to know?
> Do you have an artcommunity? What do you think about communities in general? Are they friendly/toxic?
> Things you love/ hate about being an artist
> Some random funny artist stories are always welcome!

> !Of course you can also ask Schl4fy anything that you'd like to know/ advice/ experiences/ etc. from my side!

Send your Artist-Story OR your Live-Tutorial request with a fitting title (that suits the topic you are talking about) to this email here and please let me know within the email, if you're alright with having your story be shown with my reading on youtube or not! No emails will be leaked/ only artworks including in the story or videos (those will be credited with the original link & artistname if wanted!): 

>>>  askschl4fy@gmail.com  <<<

All twitchstreams will be announced at Schl4fy's twitter:

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